Mark Rosenberg

July 21, 2016

1. What to do if your credit, ATM, or debit card is lost, stolen, or used fraudulently. If you lose a card or if you notice a fraudulent charge on your statement, call your card issuer immediately to let them know. The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you also write a letter to the card issuer to confirm when you reported the problem by phone. Send your letter by certified mail and ask for a return receipt. Keep records of all of your communications.

2. How to protect your credit, ATM, and debit cards and account info. The Federal Trade Commission offers these tips:

3. What to do if your identity is stolen. If you suspect that someone is using your personal information fraudulently, the Federal Trade Commission recommends that you do three things immediately:

The website can guide you through the steps you may need to take to recover your identity.

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